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  • float radius = 250;
    int maxpoints = 600;
    int diameter;
    int[] coord;
    int[] arr = new int[2];
    int draughtboard = 5;
    void setup() {
    	size(600, 600);
    	smooth(); // anti-aliasing
    void draw() {
    	// Draw a draughtboard
    	// Draw ellipses within a big circle
    	for (int i = 0; i < maxpoints; i++) {
    		// fill with a random colour
    		coord = randomCoord();
    		diameter = floor(random(12));
    		ellipse(coord[0], coord[1], diameter, diameter);
    // Draws a draughtboard
    void drawDraughtboard() {
    	for (int i = 0; i < width; i += draughtboard) {
    		for (int j = 0; j < height; j += draughtboard)
    			if((i+j) % 2 == 0) // if S is even (uses modulo)
    			rect(i, j, draughtboard, draughtboard);
    // Returns random coordinates
    // if the points are within a 250 pixels radius
    // from the centre of the sketch
    int[] randomCoord() {
    	arr[0] = floor(random(width));
    	arr[1] = floor(random(height));
    	// If the random point is within the circle, return the coordinates
    	if(dist(arr[0], arr[1], width/2, height/2) < radius) {
    		return arr;
    	// Otherwise re-iterate the function
    	else {
    		return randomCoord();
    // Returns a random colour
    // Range 60-220 to avoid too bright
    // or too dark colours
    color randcol() {
    	int r = floor(random(60, 220));
    	int g = floor(random(60, 220));
    	int b = floor(random(60, 220));
    	//int a = floor(random(70, 100));
    	// removed alpha, not aesthetically pleasant with the draughtboard
    	return color(r, g, b);


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    Victor L.

    Group 4 - Static image

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    This is quite simple but required me to work on my very poor maths skills… the use of functions helped a lot to structure the code.

    Basically it's just a checkerboard in the background , and circles of various colours which are mathematically placed into a bigger circle at the centre of the image.

    martin shek
    4 Oct 2011
    there was an idea to try to put Equilateral Triangles but could not figure out the math formula behind it to repeat it.

    there isn't much else to say about this other than what victor has said. it is a simple static image.
    chris martin
    6 Oct 2011
    really nice response to the brief, a big circle made out of little ones simple but effective. Well structured code too.

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