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Data gift - Group 4

This project is a data gift for my sister who is (well is going to be) a teacher in a bilingual primary school (French/German) for 5-6 years old children. These children are just learning to read, don’t know how to use a dictionary yet, need something ludic but not with too much distraction, and this data visualisation aims to help my sister to teach them both translations of the same word along with an illustration, organized into categories (animals, hobbies, jobs…). I think this is rather user-centred as the needs of a bilingual classroom is very specific.

Data visualisation for cooking - Group

This sketch allows you to pick up a list of up to 10 foods and will add up their calorie content, in order to visualise what is your daily calorie intake and if it is too much.
The instructions for use are set on the screen, I think it's relatively straightforward.

I realise that my data source isn't perfect (duplicate entries, wrong names for quantities) and that it really lacks a feature to filter the food list instead of having to pick it up with the arrows, but once again I did the whole sketch alone due to a poor communication in the group so I didn't really have time to do everything

LGBT rights by country (Group 4)

[I worked alone on this one as we definitely couldn't make contact this week with the rest of the group.]

This data visualisation shows the status of gay rights in 160 countries in 2011, according to the ILGA — I extracted the data from this file: http://old.ilga.org/Statehomophobia/ILGA_State_Sponsored_Homophobia_2011.pdf

Basically, each country is a circle, and its colour represents the current state of gay rights in this country, from deep red meaning death penalty, to light green meaning that gay marriage is allowed. The aim being to see more clearly how much countries still see

Sumo Wrestling game

Here is the game for team 4 (Sean, Victor & Martin).

The aim of the game is to put the opponent outside of the dohyō (sumo ring). This is a 2-player game, using the arrows for player 2 and the WASD keys for player 1.

Spinning rays

If anyone's interested, here's the specific code I made for the 'japan red sun' thing in my Sumo Wrestling UI.
I'm dumb when it comes to trigonometry, so I tried to work it out in a different sketch before implementing it, and if anyone wants to understand how it works, here it is, with some added variables and comments to help you understand and customise it.

Sumo Wrestling (graphics/UI only) -
group 4

You might want to download the sketch to actually try it, it's rather slow with the applet as it has a heavy image file, I'll try to optimize that.

So, as we have communication problems with the rest of the group I don't know what they're up to, we should have a meeting soon to know how everything is going. So for now this is only what I've done. As a DIxD student I chose to work on the graphics and UI of the game, so here is the menu, the background for the game, I still have to do the character design/sprites and HUD and I think some things to add to the menu, but I'll wait to see my grou

Animation - Bouncing balls

Three ellipses go to random directions, bounce when they collide and gradually change colour.

Group 4 - Static image

This is quite simple but required me to work on my very poor maths skills… the use of functions helped a lot to structure the code.

Basically it's just a checkerboard in the background , and circles of various colours which are mathematically placed into a bigger circle at the centre of the image.

Static image

Quite simple, just tried to put circles… in a circle. Took me a while to do due to my poor maths skills, and I actually ended up finding a much more easy way… to be completed with the rest of the group.

Sketch 1 group 4

• Click to draw
• The circles were replaced by type — different typefaces, colours and sizes.
• To clear the screen and have a different background colour press any key from A to Z (A being black, Z white and everything in between is a different value of grey) (update: this seem to work quite randomly with the applet).
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