As sketching, designing, for-looping people we are, we are still a niche community and OpenProcessing needs your continued support to host these 200k+ sketches, fix bugs, and more importantly, serve you an open source, resourceful, and inspiring coding environment.

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    Yay for an ad-free experience!
  • No ads shown to others on your sketches and profile
    Your profile and sketches will be ad-free to other users as well.
  • Bigger uploads
    250 MB limit instead of standard 50 MB.
  • Custom libraries
    Upload or attach libraries in addition to the default ones.
  • Private sketches, hidden source code, and custom licenses
    Share your sketches with only the people you want, show/hide source code of your sketches, select copyright or any other license.
  • Custom embedding options to showcase sketches on your website
    Embed private sketches, remove title/author info, make it fullscreen.

Professor Plus+ Membership

  • All benefits of Plus+ Membership
    No ads, bigger uploads, custom libraries, embed options, private sketches and license options.
  • Private Classes
    Keep your class activity only between you and your students.
  • Free Plus+ Memberships to all your students
    so that they can have bigger uploads, private sketches, and use custom libraries.
  • Clone your classes
    If teaching the same class again, easily create a fresh copy of your existing classes for a new semester.
  • Plus+ Priority Support from Sinan
    Reach out to Sinan for any questions, without even leaving the website. Try here!

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