Gestalten mit Code (FH Mainz, summer 2010)

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Monster objects

Rewrite or convert the code for your monsters to make them into classes and objects.


Create and decode patterns

Design a pattern. Write Processing code to generate it. Make a screenshot and exchange it with another student. Decode the others pattern and exchange your solutions. Compare your code with the others code.


Write a function to draw a leg, arm, head, ear, ..., or other body part. Share your code with the others. Use your own and others functions to draw a monster.


Create a monster from several SVG body parts.

Generative typography

Use the given skeleton to create a generative font!

Remixed examples

Take one of the examples that come with Processing and hack / remix it to create something new.

Decode patterns

1) Write a set of instructions for the given patterns. 2) Create a sketch to draw the pattern by translating your instructions from 1) into code.

Workshop Monsters

Make a reactive monster ..