Markers. Whiteboard.

Projector. Code.

Next thing you know, students yelling at geometric monsters in infinite loops.

Join thousands of educators teaching creative coding to students with OpenProcessing.

Teaching coding has never been

More creative

Invite students to create and submit sketches, comment, and collaborate with other students.

Add challenges with mouse, keyboard, voice, camera interactions!

Let them learn open source software literacy as they explore 200k+ sketches, understand their code, create forks, and interact with the community.

Students may like chaos, but you prefer


Organize sketches by week, topic, or assignment.

Showcase select works on presentation mode.
(coming soon)

See who submitted sketches and when.

Clone the class for next semester for a quick start.

From the idea to the first line of code

3 seconds

Teach with the simplicity of javascript, p5js, and beginner-proof code editor.

No localhost setups, html-css learning curve, file management or browser refreshes.

Focus on teaching what really matters: algorithms, shapes, variables, loops, conditionals...

Enable libraries with a single click.

Press Play to play.

"OpenProcessing is a great teaching tool and I use it as a key environment in my creative coding classes at NYU. Students get up and running immediately, writing Processing and p5js in the browser without having to worry about installations and setup."
"OpenProcessing is an invaluable resource for teaching creative coding. I couldn't teach p5js without it."

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  • Unlimited classes
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  • Unlimited students
  • Free Plus+ Membership for all your students
  • 250 MB file space for each student
  • Private/Class Only/Public privacy options
  • Source code hiding to challenge students
  • External libraries in sketches
  • Easy class cloning for new semester
  • Priority live support from Sinan

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