Art of Code - Fall 2018

Paris College of Art Paris Fall 2018

Art of Code is a MA/MFA class held within Multidisciplinary New Media department in Paris College of Art. Course provides an introduction to coding for artists and designers who are willing learn and use it as a form of creative expression. Students will explore generative, interactive, digital art forms. Majority part of the course will be in a lab form where students gain hands-on experience with concepts and tools. Students are expected to produce small projects as assignments. Concept of each assignment is based on emotions that are provided as themes (Anger, Enjoyment, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Surprise). "Paris College of Art is not responsible and accepts no liability for the content published on this site/blog/etc. Paris College of Art décline toute responsabilité pour le contenu publié sur ce site/blog/etc."

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