Object-Oriented Game Development with p5.js (+Processing)

Escuela de Artes y Letras Bogotá-Colombia 2017-2018

#CreativeCoding #ComputerScienceEducation #ComputerScienceForGameDevelopment #ObjectOrientedProgramming(OOP) #GameDevelopment #PhysicsSimulation #SoftwareLiteracy #VisualArts #ScienceTechnologyEngineeringArtsMathematics(STEAM) #FreeLibreOpenSourceSoftware(FLOSS) #HumanComputerInteraction(HCI) #p5.js #Processing #LearningVideoGames #ArcadeVideoGamesDevelopment Game Development with p5.js using Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). This curriculum shows the methodology used in the courses Introduction to Programming and Object-Oriented Programming by Juan F. Olaya. For those courses we use p5.js and its Java version, Processing. Complementary website: https://github.com/JuanOlaya/OOP Published Students Projects https://juanolaya.itch.io/

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