Intro to Programming and Networked Art [M002]

Syracuse University - School Of Visual And Performing Arts, Department Of Transmedia Syracuse, NY Spring 2018

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Finals Week 2

In Class: Mapping, Translate, Push/Pop Matrix, PVector
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Finals Week 1

Introduction to simple Particle Class

In Class: Sin and Cos introduction, Millis() and modulo operators Homework: Prep v1 for Mideterm Poster

In Class: Functions (Pass Through variables), Object Oriented Programming using Classes and Objects Homework: Make a bug using classes and functions

In Class: Workshopping Arrays and For Loops, introduction to random(), color() and using dist() to generate visuals Homework: Make a glitch style visual using shapes, color(), dist(), random(), millis(), framerate() with arrays and for loops

In Class: Introduction to Arrays and For Loops Homework: Make more than 50 balls bounce on a button

In Class: Using multiple conditionals in if statements, mousePressed() and introduction to keypressed() Homework: Make a ball bounce on a button. Extra Credit: Make Breakout Game

In Class: Introduction to if statements, animation using variables and mousePressed(), intro to dist() for round button hit detection Homework: Make a button that uses mousePressed()

In Class: Drawing shapes using variables Homework: Mondrian Sketch and Character Drawing Sketch

In Class: Introduction to Variables, console and println() Homework: Make a madlib using variables and println()