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“World” lyrics

lyrics change the fill and background as the user cycles left to right at various heights of the composition. I used the opening lyrics from the classic New Order song, “World(Price of Love)”. There is an actual typeface on my computer that makes this all work, but isn't available on OpenProcessing.

RESAMPLED Rec. Visualization


Grab something or a bunch of things that are colorful, and try it in different lighting.

The sound is “Disambiguation” by Tiago, an artist on the DFA Records roster.

How this works is the volume or prominence of the sound adjusts the transparency while the webcam is used to pick out the colors.

Play with it, have fun and enjoy!!!

Ball Narrative

I'm not totally proud of this sketch.

RJs Clock

My clock. Sort of based around a sort of constructivist style. It actually has a video mode and if you want to turn it on just copy n paste the code into processing and uncomment any line that has //// (4) comment slashes.

Icicle Drawing!!

We've all been dealing a lot with the snow and everything so I thought I'd get creative and utilize icicles as my means of algorithmic drawing! I even set it to draw snow on the screen. If the screen gets too busy, the user can press any key and it'll restart it. You can draw icicles by pressing and dragging the mouse button, and you can continue onward adding to it or start over. Press any key to save it! Enjoy!!!!

Also, it was designed to cover up an entire screen but I resized it for the purpose of the upload.

Credit to Daniel Shiffmans chapters on Variables, Conditions,

RJ by RJ

My self-portrait sketch. I initially drew out over a photograph and then drew over scanned images in Illustrator to get the proper coordinates, plus the help of some copying and pasting.
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