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New York Times Viz

Visualizes the number of times certain words are used in the headlines of the New York Times.

Text Visualization

This Parses the text to Find the Length of each word and displays it to the screen. It also diplays where the longest word is and what it is.

I Wish this would work but It seams it does not.

ODB vs. Doc Octo // Sound and Image

In this sketch I use the volume of the song to move the image in 3d. I Used Ol dirty Bastard and Dr. Octogon.

Random shape

This is my first time using classes. I filled the screen with a random shape based on a simple shape.


A pendulum clock.

Bezier Lines

a Bezier curve drawn with the control points rotating in a circle around the end points. I used some math that I found at
to find the point around the circle.


Triangles on a white background, Click to set a new point for the triangle.


Click to set a new point.

Self Portrait Week1

week 1 Assignment: self portrait
followed by

collections and classrooms

submitted sketches to:
Creative Algorithms, Spring 2011, Massachusetts College of Art and Design


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