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Wild West

A week-long game sprint. Two players. It was built using a design process I call "purposeful feature creep".

Changing Background Colors

Just a test of color responsiveness to position on screen and how easy it would be to control it with two actors.


A game about Intimacy and forming bonds with people. The physical controllers would involve holding hands with the person you're playing with, either with gloves or by making the actual hands themselves conductors.

Lollipop Pattern

Lollipop patterns appear on click. The 3x3 pattern has randomly colored lollipop, randomly rotated, and a random size of lolli. Hold shift to add a pattern without clearing. Press space to completely clear the screen!

Ghost of Valentine's

At night in either February or on the 14th of every month [you can see where I'm going with this], she appears, waiting for her blah blah blah you get it.

Beach Sky

When is a clock not a clock? When it's being cleaned.

Respond - Eyes

These eyes are tired of your shenanigans.

Click to shenan, and click more and more!

Draw - Rubik's Cube Key Chain

A drawing of a Rubik's Cube key chain for a classroom assignment.

USC CTIN 544 - Experiments in Interactivity II
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