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A continuation of 3a


Instructions as follows:
Create at least 10 objects in space that are moving in whatever way they feel like moving as fast or as slow as they want to move. Allow the space to be as big as it wants to be as well. At random intervals, change the speed of each moving object so that it’s separate from the others. Keep the objects within the space somehow. Make a movie of what you see happening. If you are brave, redo this entire exercise using the movie as the background. Repeat.


Instructions as follows:
On a 300 by 500 screen draw a pattern of geometric shapes using yellow, green, purple and orange. Within these shapes include lines and arcs that break each others directions. The borders of these shapes should be thicker than the lines within them. Impose a series of circles at random from the bottom left of the screen that reaches the top right corner. As these circles progress to the top they should seem as they are fading out. These circles should be colored at random.

Seizure Calculator

With a large bit of help from class discussion, Rachel and Koby specifically, I've got this sucker making things, and doing stuff


A basic AM/PM clock with a seconds of the minute visualization.
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