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Tim and Eric's Billon Dollar Movie

My entry's for the B$M movie contest is a two-parter, since it was generated with a pile of code.

Once it loads, make sure you click INTO the applet... then press play to start music... then click/move the mouse to interact with the image (which, in turn, reacts to the music).

So, to re-cap:

Spacebar = play
Mouse click = engage dancing tiles

Big thanks to Rustie for the soundtrack and for giving the rough framework that I then twisted to fit my crazy vision.


Simple Gradient

Spinning text and Aphex Twin

spacebar = play
1 = enable fade
2 = enable colours
3 = enable font size change (. to increase , to decrease

Spinng Text with colour barriers

Here's a sketch that draws and rotates text wherever the mouse is clicked - its colour depends on it's position. Any position left or above the red line produces red text. Any position between the red and blue lines produces blue text. Any position between the blue and green line produces green text.

Text Colours

Using a loop within a loop followed by some logic, here's some fun with colour and text. Anything below the mouse pointer turns blue while anything above turns green.

Simple Text with Colour Chooser

Designing with text - clicking the R,G or B box changes the colour of the floating text. The trail will always remain blue, however.

Ye Olde interactive grid

Using for loops and arrays, here's a grid that draws a point when the mouse touches one of the lines. Fun!

Flying Lotus-Tea Leaf Dancers

Spacebar to play

, increases the amount of ghosting
. decreases the amount of ghosting

n increases the rotational speed
m decreases the rotational speed

I took the beat detection code from here:

and adapted it to visualize this Flying Lotus song.

TEED - Household Goods

I took the code found here

and added a bunch of functions.

Pressing 1 creates a fadeout effect
Pressing 2 changes colours based on mouse position
Pressing 3 allows you to alter dot size with . and ,
Pressing r reverses the direction and draws a funky line - the other parameters can be engaged or disengaged while in reverse
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