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STRANDED character movement

Here is the basic movement of the character.

I modified some of the code from here.

STRANDED pseudocode


1. Create an intro screen that introduces the game.
If ACTION button (spacebar) is clicked, it will continue to the main menu screen.

2. Create main menu screen with 3 options that can be scrolled through using the arrows and selects using ACTION
If play is pressed, begin game.
If credits if pressed, go to credits screen.
If exit is pressed exit program.

3.Begin game with animation to introduce the game (rocket crashes on mars, find pieces, escape mars)
base this on ifs and stages

4. develop player object that can be controlled with the arrow buttons.

Shoot the Cubes

click on the center of the cube to shoot it. If a cube makes it to the top, you lose.

Moving Cubes


The object of the game is line up the rising cubes as well as get the static cubes to form a line.

If you hold the mouse over the static cube's row, it will begin to move. However, if the rising cube encounters your held mouse, it will freeze in it's place until you either move the mouse away or discontinue to hold the button.

good luck!

Hint- It's easier to line up the rising cubes first.

Falling Cubes 2

Click to see cubes fall in the designated area. click again to stop them.

Falling Cubes

click on the designated placed and cubes will begin to fall. Stop them by clicking the designated space again.
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