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Purple, Black and Blue Bowling Ball

Because of anti-gravity this week, a lot of bowling balls are bouncing around in shock.

Click the mouse to get them bouncing.

Candidly check out their expressions by holding down any key. Release key to resume bouncing.

Night Bowling (Classy Version)

Same as last week.
BUT, cleaner code and some (one) class.
Hold down to keep bowling ball black.
Mouse up and down to change from Green to Blue.

G2B Bowling Ball goes NIGHT BOWLING!!!


G2B Bowling ball moves up and down the lane and tonight is night bowling, so everything is dark and only the lanelines show up - they correspond to the same color as the bowling ball. Move mouseX to choose your favorite color, and move mouseY to get it to gradient from green to blue. Press down to lose the color and turn the ball black.

G2B Bowling Ball

G2B Bowling Ball shifts between cool tones as he rolls around the lane. Click to change color to black.
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