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Battling Bipeds

Two paramtrically animated bipeds duke it out over who gets which side! If they fall asleep, drag them to wake them up.


Wahahahaha! Finally the swarming works as it did all those years ago when I first made it in Cortex Command! Unfortunately, the particles tend to clump together because they are now rotating around the mouse, and not the average of their positions.

Leggy the Leg

Stage 1 of Physics Balancing/Walking biped.

The "leg" is controlled with Inverse Kinematics, but it is affected using physically based muscles.

Next step, create a walkpath, and tape this to it.

Stock Trader X

Hopefully no-one sees this.

Side-Scrolling Terrain Platformer

This is a continuation of my previous project, and it's taking a different direction. Controls are the same as the last one. Mouse and WASD.

Little Terrain Platformer

Using the raw power of Processing, I have constructed a basic Platforming engine, complete with Terrain (the Scenery AND the actual terrain were drawn Paint). It also has support for holes, which you can use drag around using the mouse. Player is WASD.
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