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A-Life synth

This sketch uses a swarm system to implement an artificial life simulation and integrates it with a synthesizer. Using this system users are able to create an a-life ecosystem that effectively plays itself.

Creators: Basil Dewhurst, Nathan Evans (, Richard Spellman (


Create a forest of trees using dendrite. This sketch lets you create trees onscreen and save the results.

To grow a tree click the mouse in the empty space. Using the radio buttons and slider you can create trees with differing numbers of branches, control the randomness of your forms and change the colour of your forest. Press the 's' key to save and 'r' to reset.

Australian science explorer 1825-1840

This visualisation uses public Encyclopaedia of Australian Science (EOAS) data harvested from the National Library of Australia (OAI) Party Infrastructure OAI-PMH Repository ( and presents information about scientists active in Australian science in the period 1825-1840 and the relationships between them.

Relationships between people are particularly important in the study of the history of science, as are their absence. EOAS presents detailed biographical and contextual information about people and also expresses these relationships.

cool your boots

This sketch shows a fixed two dimensional array of particles 'cooling'. Dark areas represent higher temperatures and bright yellow the 'cooled' substance.

Particles are initially assigned a random temperature above a melting point. As the sketch runs the overall temperature of the system decreases and particles transfer heat between each other.

Click the mouse or press the 'n' key to reset the system. Click 's' to save and 'c' to continue after a save.

The code produces an interesting visual effect but is not a true model for the cooling of metals for example in the real world.
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