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Design and program a game. This project focuses on motion and interaction. To place the focus on those two components exclusively, the visual elements will be minimal. The visual components of the game are restricted to two lines and two circles on the screen at a time, but you may use any motion or interaction technique that you can imagine. You many also employ simple typography to keep score or show other basic data.


Use the mouseX variable as the input to a function (or group of functions) to transform from one thing to another.

Custom Function

Create a composition with a custom function.


Write a program that tells a non-linear story based on one of Aesop's fables.

Combination of 4 Aesop lion fables: The Lion and the Mouse, The Fox and the Lion, The Lion and the Boar, The Lion and the Dolphin, and The Lion in Love.


Underwater Sweets


Recreation of a 640x480 crop of Julie Mehretu's painting, Stadia II
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Interactivity (DMA 28), Fall 2010, UCLA


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