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One Way Out (Beta)

This is simply beta version of the game. New feature will be added soon.

Deep deep … and deep in the cave is a lost little warrior trying to get his way out of the cave. There will be many monsters that will try to stop you from getting out. Help the lost little warrior to find his way out of the cave by answering questions about almost anything the monster throws at you, from water to ice cream, from Earth to nutrients, hidden meanings and more! Answers the question incorrectly and the lost little warrior will be stuck in the cave forever and die!

Massive Scale

An old project that I feel proud of. Its basically a line square and ellipse drawn many times.

The Platform Game

Somewhat an incomplete game but it can work.

Basically you try to get to the door at the second map within the least amount of time. There are some bugs (shown in the 'Start' tab)I couldn't fix due to my small amount of experience in processing.

1) Go through game in the least amount of time
- Remember time as you go finished
2) Please don't cheat. Hold up for no more than one second.
3) Refresh after each round despite the R button being shown for
less glitch.


Inspired by my friend whom has an interesting idea.
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