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Play a song and dance along.

Collage de Famous Nouveaux RĂ©alistes

Leap into the Void
Featuring: Yves Klein || Nikki de Saint Phalle || Christo
by Zach Carlton

New Realist Collage

Yves Klein + Nikki de Saint Phalle + Christo

Rainbow Drawing Tool

d = drip tool (any key besides d stops the drip)
mousePressed = line tool
d+mousePressed = drip+line tool

Drawing Machine (with Rainbow Drip)

Background randomly assigned from black, gray, and white.

Push any key to begin. Default P.

a = arc
b = bezier
d = drip
e = ellipse
l = line
p = point
q = quad
r = rectangle
t = triangle
v = vector (select another shape to see completed vector)
[spacebar] = new drawing

s = save image (when running hw2.jar on your computer)


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