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Tian Jason Tian

Spire in the Sand

Drag mouse across screen to mound a spire
Click mouse on screen to build a new ring.

Whimsical Founding of the World

A collage based on the founding of the world by playful gods in motion.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai
Sculptures by Richard MacDonald
Statue photo credits by Anonymous

Waka Waka

Scroll with mouse inside canvas to create edibles.
Press SPACE to send pacman after them!

...not quite functional, yet.

Chameleon Duo

Move your mouse around the screen! It's a bit slow on the website.

The mouse flicks change the creatures' color and attracts the eyes.

Night in Stars

The full image is unfortunately cropped due to a 900 pixel max width on OpenProcessing. The source is 1080 x 860 pixels large.

Here is the full image:
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