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Sarah Hamerman

The body the mirror

Working with arrays, exquisite-corpse style. Preliminary sketch for my final project

Bear, if you dare

Clicking on the bears will spell your doom.

Don't do it, I promise.

Take Caution

Seeing the forest for the trees

Draw an apple orchard >>>

-press mouse to draw trees and branches
-press 'a' for apples
-press 'f' for flowers

Bevy of nightingales

Family of four birds against night sky. Used for-loops to layer ellipses for clouds and stars.

Stegosaurus: The Most Complicated
Shape Ever

For the "most complicated shape ever" assignment (Week 2), I took a whimsical approach and drew a Rainbow-sherbet colored Stegosaurus. He is made up of 40 lines and 18 colors (including different levels of transparency), and he inhabits a netherworld of concentric circles. He does not have a name, because he is extinct.
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