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Short Term Arrivals to Australia -
World Map

Use the left and right arrows to change the displayed year.

Bubbles show the relative size of each market (measured by annual visitors).

Short Term Visitor Arrivals to
Australia - Scatter Chart

Hover over with mouse to see country details.

Use the left and right arrows to change the year. "S" saves a screen shot.

Short term visitor arrivals to
Australia 1991 to 2009

The line chart shows annual total short term (non-resident) arrivals into Australia. The radial chart shows monthly values, clearly showing the seasonality of arrivals to Australia. The light gray spiral shows the trend over entire monthly time series.

Use the left and right arrow keys to change the selected year.

This sketch is based on design and code created by Mitchell Whitelaw for his Met Temp Graph (Sydney) sketch (6631). Data sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Publication 3401.0).


Press D to draw stingers
Press C to clear stingers

Dr Octopus

A sketch from my first day of the MDD. Most credit must go to Mitchell.
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