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Dumb Fly

Draws a trail around a center point randomly in 3d.

Warning: this sketch adds an element to an ArrayList every draw. run it long enough and you will crash the JVM.

Streamer Strobe

A little present I made for my advisor Celine Latulipe, while at CHI 2010. inspired by Golan Levin's Streamer (at Flong)


Nathan Nifong

Warp Lick

While trying to make a function that smoothly pushes some point away from the mouse, I made this strange black hole type thing, so I added some juicy colors and stashed it away.

Nathan Nifong


This demonstrates a microscope changing focus using a fastblur method from

Move the mouse to change the focal point.

Nathan Nifong

Bezier Cells

I made a cell out of two bezier lines. (the class is at the bottom of the source if you need it.) this just shows off how it looks, and how cheap they are to render.

Nathan Nifong

Bee Gravity

Simple 2D universal gravitation simulation. Temporal imprecision causes erratic behavior. Looks like a swarm of bees.

Created By Nathan Nifong

Cluster Balance

This applet is about chaos and balance. I prefer to let it speak for itself. But I will offer a technical explanation.

400 particles are initialized with random positions and velocities. Around each particle there is a repulsive zone between 30 and 50 pixels from it. Other particles within that repulsive zone are pushed away in proportion to the inverse of their distance from that particle. A global compressive force pushes all particles toward the center in proportion to their distance from the center.

Nathan Nifong
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