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Inspired by Processing.js's header sketch, this is a simple sketch that features features smart fading based on window size and a basic mass-spring system.

Use your mouse to drag the spheres around.

Lighters - In-depth discussion of how this was made.

- 'wasd' (or arrow keys) to move
- 'space' to light up surroundings
- '.' to reset world
- There are some debug features as well, find out how to enable them yourself ;)

Candles dim over time, your light companion will light up nearby candles. Try to keep the place well-lit, or you will be consumed by darkness...

Procedural Dungeon Generator

Press 'space' to generate new dungeon, play around with the parameters and see how they affect the dungeon. Click save to output the dungeon to a text file.

Features several dungeon generation algorithms:
- Basic: This algorithm places random rooms in the grid, then connects them with corridors using A* pathfinding
- Cellular Automata: Based on algorithm by Jim Babcock
- BSP: Dungeon generation based on BSP algorithm from RogueBasin
- Build/Growth: Based on algorithm from RogueBasin by Mike Anderson


Don't let it steal your mouse cursor!


Steering Behaviors

2D simulation of flocking and other steering behaviors.

'alt + h' - show/hide settings menu
'alt + left mouse' - move settings menu
'a' - display information
's' - enable/disable bounded canvas
'd' - debug mode
'space' - reset
'z/x/c + left/right mouse' - add/delete boid/predators/objects


- Code optimization
- Different types of objects


A simple puzzle/food-chain game used to familiarize myself with Processing. Use mouse to control your cell, eat smaller cells while avoid getting eaten by bigger cells.
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