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Draws mathematical roses.

'n' and 'd' change the parameters used to draw the rose.
The up and down arrows change the speed.


Monster II

It is also attracted to the cursor. It's a bit quicker that the last one.

Monster I

This one is very interested in the cursor.

24 polar clock

A 24 hour clock showing hours, minutes, seconds and optionally milliseconds.

Space toggles the display of milliseconds.

Was inspired from

Pick Demo

He is not a happy fellow. Maybe it is because people will not stop poking his nose.

I am not sure if this is a completely original creation. It was made a long time ago.

Just Slow

Fun with a particle system.

Yet Another Flock

Yet another flocking boids simulation.

The boids are attracted to the point.
The boids avoid the mouse cursor.

Space toggles flock scattering.
Mouse click will randomly change the attraction point.


Bees building a nest according to what they see in their surroundings.

Click to reset.
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