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A derivate sketch from the one I did few years ago. Now for my 2nd kid. The code is a mess but it's working. And now it's also working on my phone 8^)


Especially made for Cedric Nganso Njomou.

Sometimes, it just need to let the people be happy by themselves.

derivated from my MaySmile sketch,
itself built onto Michael Winkler's Smiley

Illusion Limit Finder

Made by Guigui - 3/12/2009
inspired by
itself inspired by

Press any key to french it ;^)
Press the spacebar to toggle the background.

The limitation of the illution may depend of a lot of things:
not only our personal sensibility (itself dependant of our eyestrain) but also the screen used, etc…
But not the color used (for me).

If you have the time, you can tell your limits in the comments (particularly the brightness one).


build onto Michael Winkler's Smiley at

It's a wonderful game: don't let them down!

Imagine all the people…

…sharing all the world…hoo hoo hoowowowowooo…………


I don't succed in duplication, neither in multiplication, nor in cloning. So I'm in pain…


Check it out!


use + and - to add and remove points.


Oh oh oh, look what I got here. It's funny, no?

…mm…and it's clicable, btw. 8^)


exploring very briefly the Geomerative library by Ricard Marxer, using the Yeah Noah Existence Light font.


We're in a HSB color space and the saturation of the Taijitus is always at the maximum. For the hue and the brightness, in a way, it depend of you. 8^)


Watch it intensely, forget everything, be aware, enjoy! 8^)


For my child who's learning the multiplication tables. The code is a bit messy but I did it fast, it's late and I'm tired. You can easily make it fullscreen by changing the sizeX and sizeY variables. I will test it on him tomorow, I hope he will find it fun! B^∫


When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the Spirographe. Also by the drawings made with it, but more by the cogwheels themselves. Ok, here you can play with the keys a, z, q, s, w, x, o, p, l, m, h and the space bar. Hey, I've just notice than the java2D renderer in my browser is not as good as in Processing or in stand alone.

Étoile et moirage

hold down the a, z, q, s, w, x keys (not at the same time, buddy!)

Xoom Yoom not Zoom

The speeds in x-axis and y-axis are controled by the mouse pointer position.
Clic to change the shapes between circles and stars.
The row of white circles show the frameRate.

On my laptop, with the pointer at the right and lower corner, I got ± 25 fps with the circles, only ± 12 fps with the stars. Guess wich computer is it?

Obviously not like Rui Gil's 'Simple Feedback'*, but I first wanted to try something similar during my last train travel. And I get there.

(I didn't rebember his technic so I did something really different


Use the arrow keys to move.
Reload the page for another level.
You should also reload if you don't like the colors.
Isn't it fun? 8^)
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