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John Julian Hansen

NGJ 2012

mechanical test :D

NMD 2010

installation til New Media Days 2010

Dette er en light browser-venlig version. Den "rigtige" version kørte OpenGL

TowerDefence alpha 1

The very first alpha version :) You cant die.

Controls - hit these keys to change what tower you're building. Build tower by pressing mouse key.

1 - build basic lazer tower
2 - bomb tower


The little spaceship is flying around, mining asteroids, but it has to be carefull! Because in the darkness og deep space lurks enemies.
... Sounds nice yes? in my dreams ;>


Please don't look at the code :P It's VERY inefficient.


One of my first sketches. This is just a development snapshot - it will eventually become a fireworks fountain one day :P Press mouse button to animate.
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