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test for OOP and ArrayList.


Mouse over on the square to sound.
Click or push key "q", "w" ,"s" to change wave form.
q = square
w = saw
s = sine

004 音

Click or drag on the blue square, this sketch produce sound noise.


this sketch is experimentation to control perlin noise waves in two dimension.
you can change some parameters.
"distance" controls distances of between a wave and next wave in perlin noise space.
"divide" controls how many divides do each wave have.
"number" : how many waves.
"position" : whole location in Y axis.
"gain" : noise function is provide a number from 0 upto 1.0(sometime more than 1.0) , so it needs gain for displyable.
"length" : difficult to explain. but easy to see.
"speed" : speed is determined by code like " tan( noise(n) ) * speed " , i love tangent and perlin noise.

002 波

test of perlin noise and tangent.


test of array, sine and aerial perspective.
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