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Snake trail

learningprocessing exersize


Click on the screen to give it focus.

Press W or Q

Press A or S

for loop Grid

Just a grid made with for loops

70's space boogie

Another Grid sketch inspired by a 2009 international year of astronomy poster. I wanted to bring it to life and practice my processing skills.
Still in progress...
Here is the poster that inspired me:

grid , shade

A grid , and squares create the illusion of a shaded lo-fi sphere.

interactive grid random alpha

More of the same , but interactive size.

Life on the grid...

Random colored ellipses_02

Random colored ellipses_02

Life on the grid, like a launchpad or an akai mpc,u know the deal ;D

Random alpha`d grid of ellipses

This is my very first sketch i kinda like.Its a very simple grid of ellipses , each one with a randomalpha given by an array.

Life on the grid ;D
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