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Hydroplane Game Beta 0.02

use arrow keys to drive the boat, space to fire

Supposed to be a hydroplane minesweeping an oilfield

Pitch Detector _ lol

A pretty bad pitch detector for vocals, but probably good for electric guitar with the tone all the way down ;)

Bonus amplitude detector

Slalom with sound!

* Slalom, By Rafael Cosman.
* with sound by Chris Ball!

* Your navigation was broken by some space junk around the primitive planet earth.
* There seems to be some super-glue sticking the pedal to the floor, and there is no way to slow down.
* Your only hope is to dodge the random obelisks for 5 tricky levels.
* Mouse side to side to steer.
* You can shoot the obstacles and can reload by passing over the reload pads.


Help Beetlebaum debug his world.

now with mouse control and millipedes

Beetle Baum 0.2beta

vector game
use arrow keys
number 1 for credits

Vintage Pong with Sound

Vintage Pong by emoc
plus mouse control and

Bounce with Sound

a game by steven kay
bounce and roll the ball. avoid black squares.
bounce on multiple cyan and yellow squares to build up

Sound added 4/2010 by Chris Ball

Game Sounds 0_1_5_beta

Sounds for your games, yo

just add them other tabs and simply do the methods in the main class.
e.g. synth.boom(5);

CUBE IT! with sound

CUBE IT! by Moritz Ufer 2009
sound by Chris Ball 2010


Takes a still graphic and makes it a squiggly animation.
Click to see the original image

to do:
make it more like pen squiggling, less like scan line noise
figure out how to opt-out of color/color tracing <-done
make it properly object-oriented
err, erase original black lines while retracing

Noisy RotoBoxes

Noisy Box Bounce
With unexpected Sticky Behavior
followed by

collections and classrooms

submitted sketches to:
Interactivity: Coding for Artists & Designers, MIAD, SP2013


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