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a Tenori-on like sketch made in Processing.

v0.3: code cleanup, use only one signal per note (as opposed to one signal per dot in v0.2).

change the constants to change result (BPM, size). you can use the usual 7 note scale if you want, just comment/decomment where needed (global declaration of notes' array and WootDots' constructor).


Yet another sketch with random coloured squares.

Click to run/pause.

By changing the static variables at the begin of the source you can control the behaviour, such as the squares dimension, the size of the window (try it fullscreen), the randomness and the fade out velocity of the squares.

For desktop use, it is strongly reccomended to use the OpenGL render.
Since it's fairly basic, it works (pretty well) under processing.js with little modifications.


Just a little toy to learn a bit of processing.

Click to run, move the mouse to leave a trail of circles, click to stop.

Heavily inspired from what I could remember from the example FollowRuby found in Shoes for ruby made by _why.
The code is rough, but it had to start somewhere, i guess.

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