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I've updated the sketch for using with Processing 2.0 and Javascript mode

This is the old version:


This applet shows the time in QR-Code.
I used the xzing library for encoding the time.

You can use the function QRCodezeichnen(String textstring,int posx,int posy,int breite) to to paint a qrcode with the information: textstring on the position: posx posy and the width: breite.

colormap button touch

I made an kiosk system with a touchscreen.

The Buttons on the screen are shaped.

here is the old version:

If you switch off the mousecursor with noCursor() you can't see where you have clicked with your finger.

An acoustic signal bugs me, so I made a shadow on the screen.

colormap button

I try to make an kiosk system with a touchscreen.

The Buttons on the screen should not be just rectangular, they should be shaped.

If you ever tried to make shaped buttons with any programming language, you know it is hard.
I found an unusual and very easy way to make buttons in any shape you like.

Here I have a new version working with Javascript mode in Processing 2.0:
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