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Swelling Lines Engraving

Inspired by a commercial for Faber Castell, this sketch creates an 'engraved' version of a source image using the swelling line technique developed by Claude Mellan in the 17th
This technique is based on varying the thickness of the lines to create tones.
Press 'c' to switch between parallel lines engraving and spiral engraving.

Cube map to fisheye

This code is a combination of code found in
and the description and the explanation of the angular fisheye projection by Paul Bourke

Mouse position controls the rotation.
Mouse click toggles rotation.
Mouse wheel controls the zoom (try it! that's how the wee planet appears!)
Press any key to reveal the source cube map.

Mimodek Simulation Prototype

A prototype of the artificial eco-system and growing mechanism for the Mimodek project.
Press 'SPACE' to toggle automatic food.
Press 'p' to toggle displaying the pheromones.
Drag the mouse to draw food on the applet.
More info:

Angular Fisheye à la Bourke

Implementation of an angular fisheye lens simulation based on the article by Paul Bourke.

Particle Burst On Velocity Change

Nothing fancy, the title says it all.
It's your straight forward basic particle generator that is triggered by a sudden velocity change of the mouse cursor.


This is meant to be a tutorial for the old school fire effect.
The code is well commented so you can easily add this effect to your own creation.
It is also to some extent a tool to design the effect which is based on a custom colour palette.
This implementation is very basic but if you play around with the first rows generation algorithm, and of course the palette you can get very nice results.
Check the comments for more info on how to use it.
* Have fun! *


'Reverse engineering' of a very small part the awesome game World Of Goo by 2D Boy
If you are not familliar with the game, try out the demo from their web site.

The idea is to build structures by attaching those goo balls to each other

Click to spawn a new goo ball
Click and drag to move a goo ball around
If there is a possibility to attach the ball to the structure you will see red lines
Release mouse to drop goo ball or attach to structure
SPACE BAR to destroy the structure

Background from flickr :


Consume pixels from an image and make them vanish.

2D Bump Mapping

I wrote this following tutorials on the net a long time ago
and I forgot to note down the reference so I don't know who is to thank for... thank you Internet then ;)
There is plenty of code, tutorial, explanation on bump mapping out there.
I apologize for the lack of comments in the code.
Because of that I also forgot how the lightning works, this is embarassing....

Distance Test

Testing distance to object on a particles system transformed into something strange and psychedelic.

Structure 2

Experimenting with fractal trees and Perlin noise and Bezier curves.

Click or drag to add structures.
SPACE BAR to clean applet

Structure 1

Experimenting with fractal trees and Perlin noise

Click or drag the mouse to add structures.
SPACE BAR to clean the applet
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