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Dungeon Map Generator

* Hit SPACEBAR to generate a new map.
* Blue represents a door
* Pink and Green are the up/down staircases

This is a simple Processing port of the Dungeon Building Algorithm, designed by Mike Anderson and coded by Solarnus. I made some minor tweaks and added a graphical representation, but otherwise it's exactly as documented here:

Fast Entity Component System

Requires Processing 1.2.1 due to use of Generics.

This is a "milestone" tech foundation for a personal game project called Rogue Dreamer. It implements a paradigm for entities and components that is data driven, instead of hierarchical: entities are handles for components, but don't "know" which components they have. This makes entities totally flexible, without having to weigh down a "super" class. URLs for further reading are commented in the code, or you can search for "Entity Component" in your favorite search engine.


Simple math exercise that got out of hand. =)

Backface Culling 2D

Simple app to demonstrate "backface culling" when dealing strictly with 2D lines, instead of polygons.

Dynamic Light 2D

Scatters rays that collide with arbitrary lines (represented here as blocks), then builds a light volume from the updated rays.

It already has backface culling, but I am definitely open to any and all optimization suggestions! I have another version, a bit more complex, where the boxes know if they are hit by light.

Uses Line-Line Intersection by Ryan Alexander. Inspired by a forum post by TheAustech on The Chaos Rift.
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