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Springs and particles

I started playing around with the traer physics library. This is an initial test with springs and particles. Click and drag to interact with the shape.

Vertex Modulation with Perlin Noise

I'm working on solidifying my understanding of OOP and trying out the use of Perlin Noise. Both of these concepts were learned in Shiffman's book on learning processing.

I was trying to figure out if it's better to store the vertex points of each shape in a 2d array so I can keep the x and y locations separate, or if I should just store the 4 points in a regular array with a length of 8, and read every other one as an x coordinate or y coordinate. I ended up using a one dimensional array because it seemed easier to manipulate them. I got code to work using a 2d array as well, but the numbe

Messup 01

I was playing with "the snake" sketch from Daniel Shiffman's Learning Processing book, and trying to get each of the segments to rotate individually. I dropped a few functions that I didn't quite understand in the wrong place in an effort to figure out how they work and this is what I got. oops. Move the mouse around.

I suspect that I'll have to make a separate loop to iterate through each rect() and increment the rotation by 1 radian on each draw cycle.

Quad Drawing

Learning to generate destination points and increment or decrement each vertex via comparisons.

Learning 2d Arrays

Working on learning the basics of Processing. This was an experiment with animating vertex points from a set point A to point B using 2d Arrays. Mouse clicks changes the highlighted shape.

I can initialize 50 shapes with OPENGL rendering, but it gets ridiculously slow using anything else. What's a more efficient way to code this?
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