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Breathing Tree beta

Based on Daniel Shiffman's ( recursive tree using arraylist.
This is a prototype for a physical computing project that will use cooperative game interaction to use a limited amount of water to spur the growth of a tree.


A rudimentary genetic algorithm.


An exercise in attraction behavior


Revision of a post apocalypse scenario in which humans either go extinct or repopulate the earth after a zombie outbreak.

Post Apocolypse v2

New Version, there's a problem with exponential growth, going to have to enforce population control :P
A post apocalypse scenario, in which humans repopulate the earth. Inspired by the zombie infection app (Carl Sverre).

Billiard Balls v1

Billiard ball simulation with no friction. Certain tangential collisions don't behave properly.

Bouncy balls

Balls bounce with gravity and collide with one another. Collision response is still inaccurate, but I'm working on it. Once again, thanks to Dan Shiffman for the Vector3D library, which can be downloaded from

Vector v0

Setting up for using vectors. Still in Alpha ;)
Thanks to Daniel Shiffman for the Vector3D library and sample code.


Use arrow keys to move the object. Collide with the block and bounce off of it.

Scooter v 1.1

Multidirectional movement via right, left, up, and down arrow keys.

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Draw inside the window with your mouse.
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