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a drawing pad that makes patterns like the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction.
i got some help from Conway's Game of Life developed by Mike Davis, and some parts in color tracing from codes by Golan Lewin. DL the source code and uncomment the lines for video tracking (now it works with red)

*Click and drag to draw, and change mouse position to alter the time parameters.


press and drag the mouse to move the dots, use "A", "S", and "D" on the keyboard to control the speed


as each dot hits the circle a sine wave is sent out.
hold down ` or 1 and drag'n drop on the screen to launch the dots. hold 2 to replace the circle. use Q,W,E to resize the circle. A,S,D for the freq range of the screen. Z,X,C for the speed of dots and distance between the red dots. Also hold down 1 and move mouse over the screen to create new patterns with gestures.
* used minim for sound
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