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Goofy Gloobers

Gloobers are quite colorful creatures,
They change color in a pulsating fashion;
Press any key to watch a miniGloober descend from MamaGloober
If you press the any key multiple times, multiple MiniGloobers will descend from MamaGloober
Press your mouse anywhere on the screen to see what MamaGloober has to say..
Make sure you keep pressing your mouse - today MamaGloober has a LOT to say


Click on the birds to play a song, they will watch as you move your mouse

Sushi Delight

Roll your mouse over the sushi fish to get a reaction, click on the fish for quite the outburst. Hovering your mouse over the lantern gives the room a warm glow. Clicking on the lantern will darken the room.

Fun with Pixels

Move your mouse along the X axis to globally increase the pixel contrast.
Move your mouse along the Y axis to globally invert the pixels.
Photographs by Karissa Woodward
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