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Perlin Pattern 2

Played around with the old Perlin Pattern sketch so that the code is more understandable and added colors.

Perlin Pattern

Playing around with simple perlin noise. Watch it long enough and a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines emerges.

Color Worms

My girlfriend Jackie did this one. The "worms" breed according to proximity and share their color and perlin noise seed with their offspring.


Click to randomize georganism.

Early prototype for a genetics simulation that my girlfriend turned into a full educational game as her BFA thesis project.

Check it out here:

(flash required)

Frantic Wisp

Really simple movement based on perlin noise.


Use arrow keys to roll and bounce.

I found this while looking through some sketches from college (graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art 1 year ago). I've been meaning to get back to Processing for a while. This went on to become an interactive installation, wherein your face was mapped onto the ball and any noise you made would propel it forward. That won't work on OpenProcessing, so I thought I'd upload the original inspiration instead.

Eternal thanks to Prof. Nicholas Economos. I did this for one of his classes, and it became the inspiration for my BFA Thesis project.
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