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Pan And Zoom

Inspired by the network pane in SideFX Houdini 3D application. I've set out to replicate the same kind of navigation.

This is a great start for any canvas that you need to pan around in or zoom about the cursor. Mouse Wheel Part doesn't work so well in a browser with a side scroll bar. I Plan on adding a Right Mouse Click for zoom in addition to the current Mouse Wheel Zoom.

Mouse Click = Pan
Mouse Wheel = Zoom

Bezier Animation Editor

This my first attempt at making a Generic Animation Editor.

Spacebar = Play/Pause
J = Play Forward
K = Play Backward
L = Pause
Left Arrow = Step Backward 1 Frame
Right Arrow = Step Forward 1 Frame

Click and Drag to Position the Handles or Timeslider

Pythagoras Moco Virtual Z,Y Axis

A Sketch to Demo the core Function of the Virtual Axis on Genuflex Motion Control Rigs

Notice how the length of the Hypotenuse(c) stays fixed on the triangle no matter where you move the rig.

Please Note that this only demos the Z,Y axis an not the X,Z axis. But the principle is the same for X,Z and gives full 3D positional control of the rig as long as the boom (Hypotenuse) is long enough to accommodate the max distance of where you want to place the camera(mouse in this case).

My First Bezier Curve

Taken from the math on this page

Apparently this is about as simple as it gets as far as bezier curves go.

XY Handle Class

This is a class that I plan to use when ever I want the use to manipulate the position of an object on the canvas.

It has handles for X, Y and XY

RGB Colour Mixer

Just a prototype for a RGB light I am designing for my 2 year old son.

event driven button

Just a test case for the forums. I can't work out why the ellipse is not drawing properly?

mouse events from inside a class

Based on the code found in this discussion:

All I did was add images to buttons :)

I like how this approach uses draw inside the button class leaving the main draw loop empty!

Open Moco InterfaceBuild_v002_001

A newew version now with images for graphics. Still poorly optimised but you get the idea. I'm not planning on doing too much more until we have v001_001 example ported to the touchSheild.

Open Moco InterfaceBuild_v001_001

This is the early stages of a touch screen interface for an open source motion control engine called "Open Moco".

There is still much more to add. But I thought this was worth posting to see some progression.


Another approach to a round cornered rectangle button class. This time I am building the shape out of ONE rectangle using strokeJoin(ROUND) to give me my round corners

Keyboard Controls are:
r + mouse x = radius
s + mouse x,y = size
p + mouse x,y = position

Round Corner Rectangle Button Class

Inspired By the Processing Programming Handbook Example of a Button Class.

This is a variation on the example from the book. Only now you can control the roundedness of the button's corners!
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