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Maze Game

Lead mochi through the maze using the keys on the screen.

Exercise 6

Mochi's playing sports. Hit the balls as many times as you want. The more you hit them, the faster they'll go!

Animated Mochi

When mochi has assembled himself, click the mouse to see him bounce away!

mochi skins

Click the spacebar to see the two different skins! (Make sure you have already clicked inside the box first)


My robot's name is Mochi. She moves by bouncing on the springs that are her legs. Her hands are little magnets and the buttons on her body have no description because they've never been used. When you try to push one she'll bounce away. (She's shy). She's an everyday house robot. She cleans, cooks, and does laundry.
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Interactivity (DMA 28), Fall 2009, UCLA


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