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I recorded several sets of chimes at a country store. I divided the recording into 5 files. I then reversed each of the 5 files, giving me 10. I play 3 sounds, randomly selected at a time, and switch out the sound files periodically. the size of the shape represents the gain. Each sound file's shape has the same color as its backwards counterpart. this runs indefinitely and is random each time. the piece is dedicated to my sister Joyce who has been influenced by mandalas and often uses geometric shapes in her paintings.


Randomly generated. Visuals and sounds are somewhat related. 14 audio clips are used. Endless Combinations. Runs endlessly. R to reset. S to Save image (don't think that will work for applet)


you know those balls that are on desks that bounce back and forth. yeah, that.
s=save, r=reset


inspired originally by a fly. who knows what it means now. the ability and desire to create the useless is what makes us human. move the mouse around the background. r resets. s might save


I attempted to create a visualization of how depression feels - how I move from feeling like myself to a blank, shell of myself.

s=save (maybe)


generative - random... based on a painting i made
s=save (maybe)

Vermont Counterpoint

s=save (maybe lol)

Kiara Clock 2

silly clock using pics of our cat... alignment might be a bit off... developed version for android....

Game of Life

I read about the Game of Life in Stephen Hawking/Leonard Mlodinow's book THE GRAND DESIGN. It was developed by John Conway at Cambridge.

It is a simulation that shows how from a simple system of rules, structure can emerge from chaos. I have created this implementation in Processing. I have included a number of parameters that can be set to control the simulation. I plan to work on other visualizations.

r will reset

Simple Sound Toy 3

click to generate chords...

r to reset

simple sound toy 2

click to make sounds
r to reset

Simple Sound Toy

Click to generate a sound
press r to reset


dynamic/generative images/audio


r = reset...

randomly generated - diff each time

Form is Emptiness; Emptiness is Form -
the Sequel

move mouse to influence movement
click mouse to toggle pause/play(with reset of font/color and size)
r to restart
many parameters set randomly
inspired by heart sutra

John Cage

randomly generated
press r to reset
quote from John Cage

interactive collage

pressing 1-9 will add that number of images to collage. the position is determined by a combination mouse position and randomness. the size and opacity is random. " "e" and "r" decreases and increases average size of new images. q" and "w" decreases and increases average opacity for new images. "c" toggles b/w. "b" blurs. "x" posterizes. "m", "n" and "v" filter. "a", "s", "d", "f","g","h","j","k" and "l" change manner in which images blend. "t", "y", "u" and "i" change the image set. "0" resets. clicking mouse will grab a snippet of the collage - click again to place it


a collage randomly generated from 120 photos of powerlines. press "r" to reset


dynamic multiexposure. photos randomly chosen and manipulated. fade in and out, 6 at a time. chosen from 92 images. press "r" to reset. doll was actual toy i had as a child!


kaleidoscope effect. use mouse to shift things around. 3 images chosen randomly from 31 and manipulated. press. "r" to reset
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