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a mouseclick creates a colorful bloom. hold the mouse down longer to create larger blooms.


breaking down and animating the letter S

Gobi (game)

See how high you can fly depending on how much light you collect. the larger the light, the more energy you get (hint: fireworks size matters) Try to unlock Gobi's superpower mode by collecting all lights/fireworks and having a full energy bar!

there was supposed to be sound to make the passing time between levels more entertaining but it took way too long to load..regardless, I had a lot of fun working out the little details of this game, and i hope you enjoy playing it as much as i did writing it! :) happy holidays!

Gobi (Arrays)

Plant Gobis along the ground and watch them sprout (slowly or quickly depending on your luck) to its own unique full size. Particular Gobis like to be paired up, if you pair the right two together, they'll initiate a conversation with their lights.

Once they're fully grown, Gobi will bounce, quiver, and follow according to the sun's position. Its leaves will grow and flap faster when the sun gets close. Watch them jump higher as the sun gets larger.

If you choose, you can guide the mature Gobis in to the skies beyond the clouds. But only if you're patient enough to let them follow yo

Gobi (Objects)

Gobi is on nightwatch for fireworks but has to bring his annoying little brother along! It's too bad the fireworks only come out at night and Gobi has nothing to chase after during the day to avoid taking care of the little bro.

Gobi (Parameters)

See Gobi throughout the seasons during the day or night

Gobi (animation)

Gobi! Embark on a journey with Gobi outside the dark shadows of the city, over polluted skies, to seek a clear sky to play in!

Gobi (skins)

press spacebar to see the other types of Gobi

Gobi (interact)

interact with GOBI!
Gobi is a solar-powered robit, and YOU are the source of light. Move the mouse around and watch Gobi chase after you. But use your time wisely. As the sun goes down, the light source will get dimmer and dimmer until Gobi stops to function.
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