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Organs without Body 3

Eyes chase cursor through space, hands chase eyes through space. Click object to select. Drag selected to move.

spacebar = select next object
k = kill selected eyeball
d = debug

Transition to P3D not going as smooth as I would like. Problems with textures, models showing edges, so the whole thing needs a visual makeover. Code for monsters to eat each other is not functioning.

Organs without Body 2

Added hand object, off screen color picking for selection, click/drag for object movement, SPACE for object selection, LEFT|RIGHT|UP|DOWN for keyed movement. Need to improve mouse events and object movement/behavior/interaction.

Organs without Body 1

Just eyes for now, more organs to come. Click or click and hold for agitation. Hit key to calm.
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Interactive Media (DMA 252A), Fall 2009, UCLA


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