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Hexagon Mouse

hexagonMouse is a little exercise to draw a hexagon, to fill up a background with a pattern of hexagons and to make a mouseover hexagon.

Change the size of the hexagon to change the pattern.

Bouncing Ball Animation

My homework for this week's processing class...

This is a simple bouncing ball animation. A loop of circles appears each time the ball hits one of the sides. A transparent background is used to create the fading effect.

Simple Bouncing Ball Animation

My homework for the processing class ;-)

This is a simple animation of a ball bouncing up and down.
Press down the mousebutton and drag your mouse to change the x position of the animation. The movement is very linear. It would be nicer if the ball would speed up and slow down...

Shuffle Squares

Click on a square next to the empty square to move it to the empty position.
You solve the game when you manage to put the squares into this order:


Pressing Q to quit the game doesn't work in the browser.

Connect Dots

This is a little game which is usually played with pen and paper. The goal of the game is to draw a house with a cross in the middle with just one line.

I've made the game with five dots, which you have to connect with lines.

You win, if you manage to create the shape of the house with just nine clicks. The dots will turn red if you solve the game. If you need more than nine clicks the game will not finish. You have to manually restart the game (reload the page) if you want to play again.
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