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Digital Domination Game (bluetooth

This applet is applied to detect the bluetooth of mobiles or other devices. A game is designed to promote the encounter and communication among people.

Shells of Sydney Opera House

A case revealing the secret of the shells. Use mouse and key boards to change the form.

The Gherkin

This is an example of Parametric Modeling. Use key boards to change the parameters.

Tracking Frame-node

The frame-node is following the move of the mouse. It can be also split into parts by clicking the nodes and draging them to somewhere.

Agent Cruise

Use mouse and key boards to control the move of the agent.

Architectural Surface Optimization

This code attempts to address the problem of surface optimization by usage of solar energy or other natural factors. The aim of the study is to investigate a practical issue involving how to generate or optimize architectural surfaces for the better usage of the solar energy during the design process. The strategy of surface optimization is using Generative Algorithm to generate three new faces above the original frame of each piece of the surface in order to change the average solar energy per unit, and thus meliorate the solar energy distribution in the whole surface. This strategy could kee
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