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A basic example / sanity check for setting up and using JBullet. This follows the demos fairly closely. The source for them is available here:

Left click to apply a force, right click to reset.

JBullet Installation:
Download it here:
Create a folder in your Processing libraries folder called jbullet and a folder inside that called library and copy jbullet.jar from the zip to that location. Do the same for vecmath and vecmath.jar from the zip. Import both into your sketch. I believe that covers it but I could be wrong.


Decided to try a much more traditional one. Plus and minus keys (tap) scroll a small range of rotation speeds.


A little sketch I did today.
This starts with two pixel diagonals, then uses random power of two squares taken from the existing pixels to fill row by row. It resets when it is fully black or on mouse click or key press.

Now you can press 'c' to toggle some colors.


I tweaked some code I did before for the bus-tops format.

I updated this so it exports a grayscale gif at 256x80 (going by the instructions on on mouseclick.

rawMouse example

Example using Java's Robot to lock mouse position to the center of sketch canvas. User input can then be interpreted as small offsets from the lock position before mouse position is reset by robot allowing for continuous values as opposed to ones restricted by screen size.

It dawned on me that it would actually make more sense to lock the mouse position to Processing's origin, but I didn't change the code.


Had to use the no-setup trick on this but I thought it was worth uploading. Draws lines using Perlin noise as a flow map.
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