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A slight variation on Tiny_Box, replacing the background() coloring with fill(), and forgetting about partial opacity. The space savings allows me to use a strokeWeight() call, which I adore so much.

It does end up looking a good bit different than the original Tiny_Box, with the boxes overlaid on top of each other.


Translates, rotates, plotting shapes, oh my!

I had to specify the width/height of this applet in the applet settings; I'm guessing it doesn't like the use of a variable in the size() call. There are just 192 characters, so entering the numbers directly into the size() call would still keep it under 200.

Breathing Sphere

Manipulating the strokeweight in a standard 3D sphere object, according to a sinusoidal function, makes it look a bit like the sphere is breathing. The z-bouncing is just to make it less boring. :)
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