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a further step from the 1.0version, growthprocess+hanging system, i tried to make things logic,thx for the toxic lib maker Karsten Schmitz. and i would like the have communications with all the guys who have taken a look at my project,hope u enjoy it.
sory again for the suck work from P3D, plz download it and change it to Opengl, don forget to ply with full window.
have fun!!!
for clear video from this project plz go to
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regelwerk_mit_voxel&Toy; for

a further step by far,it turn to be a toy for architecture,thanks for the Toxiclibs Lib(prerelease 0021), don forget to play with full window, using w s a d to move the reactors, then voxelize the structrue,i m looking forward to the next coming version. STLexport will also be with the next one.sry for the low quality shown by P3D,u can download it and change to opengl.

for more clear fotos

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keywords: population control, area control,packing,next step,try voxel


A practice durning the study from growthprocess,the branches will not touch each other,and older generation will be dicker.
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